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What is Laser Surgery?

Laser surgery is a surgical procedure involving the use of laser, a certain king of light beam, instead of the traditional scalpel. Frequently, it is used to treat bleeding blood vessels however it is now being used for various dermatology procedures such as tattoo removal, birthmarks and sun spots.

It works by focusing the laser or beam of light into the affected area that would heat cells until they tear or rupture.

Are all lasers the same?

According to Dr. Mathew Katz, one of our skin experts and provides surgical dermatology services, there are different types of lasers which varies from the color of the spectrum emitted to the type of treatment and the area being treated. Certain types of lasers are CO2 (carbon dioxide) lasers and pulsed eyed lasers.

It is really advisable that you consult an expert before undergoing any laser treatment. As mentioned that there are different kinds of lasers being used for surgical purposes, a wrong kind of laser may lead to further complications which could make the skin condition worse.

Are there any risks undergoing Laser Surgery or Treatment?

Complications that may develop which could be considered risks of Laser Surgery are as follows:

  • Cold Sores (only if the virus is present)
  • Bleeding
  • The condition might not be treated
  • Possible Infections
  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Change of skin color

It is really important to have a consultation with your trusted medical expert or a surgical dermatologist in order to know certain matters of the laser treatment.

I have more questions about Laser Surgery.

We advise every patient to consult their trusted dermatologists and skin experts for their concerns. As we mention, the treatment may vary from the laser to be used to the skin condition to be treated.

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