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Katz Dermatology on Phototherapy

What is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy, also referred by dermatologists as light therapy or heliotherapy, is a general dermatology procedure and treatment which involves the use of artificial light wavelengths from ultraviolet part of the sun's spectrum. The light is regulated for a certain prescribed amount of a general dermatologists. In rare cases a dermatologists would administer in specific time of a day.

On what certain skin conditions is the procedure used?

Phototherapy is a common treatment for various skin conditions, starting from autoimmune skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema, to wound healing and also other psychological disorders like depression and some sleeping disorders.

How does Phototherapy work?

The result of this general dermatology procedure and treatment differs from the skin condition being treated and a number of other skin factors such as the patient's skin immune system, decrease in inflammation and removal of abnormal cells.

Could everyone undergo Phototherapy?

According to Dr. Matthew Katz, not everyone could undergo Phototherapy. Most general dermatologists says that there are certain individuals who may not be suitable for phototherapy, some of these individuals are the following:

  • Patients with very fair skin with very minimal sun exposure.
  • Small Children.
  • Patients with medical complications that results to sunburn.
  • Patients who had certain types of skin cancer.
  • Patients whose immune system are down.

I wish to undergo on this general dermatology service, where should I go?

Katz Dermatology advises you to go to your trusted general dermatologists. If you are located near Rockville, Maryland, you could contact us or visit us during our clinic hours at Katz Dermatology Clinic in Rockville, Maryland (MD).