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Katz Dermatology on Melanoma

What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a certain type of skin cancer which is less common than other skin cancers but the most dangerous if not found or treated early. Melanocytes, the cells responsible for the production of melanin which colors our skin, hair and eyes. It is one of the fastest growing cancers in the U.S and worldwide. Most cases of melanoma are linked to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) coming from either natural or artificial sources, such as tanning beds.

Is there a treatment for Melanoma?

According to Dr. Matthew Katz, the treatment for melanoma depends on the size and severity of the skin condition. Early detected melanomas could be treated by undergoing surgical dermatology treatments usually with wide excision but severe cases may be treated by undergoing radiant therapy because these cases are usually tied in with skin cancer.

Could Melanoma be prevented?

Melanoma could be prevented with proper skin care and habits like by walking on shades in between times where the sun`s rays are strong, usually between 10 am to 3pm and applying cosmetic dermatology products such as sunblocks and moisturizers with SPF 30 or more.

If you think you have melanoma, we strongly suggest you to consult your most trusted dermatologists and have treatments in order to prevent further complications such as skin cancer. If you are located around Maryland or Washington Metropolitan Area, you could contact us or schedule an appointment with us. Visit Katz Dermatology Clinic, located in Rockville, Maryland (MD).

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